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Available Workshops

Our courses cover a variety of workshops for all levels of animators. Starting from basic to advanced level with a deep understanding of VFX quality and production. Hence we have bundled our courses into 6 modules starting from basic to advanced level [WS00-WS05] realistic creature animation with great quality

Because we firmly believe in Quality over quantity.


offline workshops

A well-designed training program offered by CAW will allow you to improve proficiencies in the below-mentioned areas.

online workshops

Workshop PROCESS


Inquiry and submit your updated animation showreel to get the recommendation of the course from our mentor


After paying the fees, you will become a part of the CAW family and you will get free access to use our VFX standard rigs,  all our demos and offline reviews.


We will review and recommend the WS based on your experience and arrange an intro session with our mentor to know more about us and our WS process in detail.


Now you will have to be available and regular till the end of your WS. The first week counts after you get the approval on your reference.


After the Intro Session we will follow up and share “How to find reference” links and send the recommended WS invoice to you.


Weekly one-on-one session, live critiques and comments on the shot submitted and more deep explanation about the body mechanics and performance of creature and workflow

Please Note:-

It's not mandatory to do all the workshops. You can start from one workshop and if you are interested in doing another workshop after completion of your first workshop, you can choose the second one.

What do we offer


Our courses are meticulously planned by our trainer and are designed in a manner geared toward the maximization of efficiency. We plan and host the program including the lectures, case study specific assignments based on the following objectives:

  • Gain the fundamental knowledge and understanding of various efficient and good ways of animating techniques

  • Engage them with the assignments to learn the basic to advanced level of creature animation

  • Focus on how to train their mind to understand and analyze the reference and bring the essence of that into their animation

  • Focus on the basic anatomy of animals, how to work with references, and working with weight shifts

  • Simple and complex body mechanics, with different weights of animals and birds


  • Weekly One Session

  • Group Session

  • One to One Session

  • Offline Reviews

  • Class Recordings

  • Lighting & Rendering

  • Extra Classes


What more to learn

  • Reference Hunting

  • Reference Analyze & Breakdown

  • Animate Layout & Blocking

  • Polishing & Fine Tuning

Why choose us!!!


  • Quality Matters

  • Get access to our VFX standard rigs

  • Introduce with the real VFX world

  • Know every Tips & Tricks behind high quality
    realistic animation

  • One-on-one sessions with mentors with recording

  • Get access to over 500 recorded reviews

  • Offline reviews


  • One-on-one training with every student. 

  • Weekly online class and one offline review session. 

  • Recorded reviews session and you can record the whole class too.


  • Demos videos are provided on the shots if you are stuck or unsure how to animate on certain areas.


  • Access to all the Theory lectures on animals and creatures.

  • Access to the demos on blocking, first pass and final pass, and Polishing demos. 

  • Access to more than 200 hours of videos of students reviews sessions.


  • We have made 14 Animal/ Creature rigs for our students to pick up and start practice and do their showreels. 

  • Customize high-quality VFX standard rigs. 

  • And we aiming to add more every month.

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