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Simple body mechanics & behavious

In this workshop, with the skill learned at WS00 the main focus is to deal with the animal with simple body mechanics with simple behavior in specific shots and goal is to get more believable and realistic locomotion. Like junior level shots in VFX to get yourself into the simplest shots with a great quality.

Workshop fee
14 Weeks
Course Duration

We are going to deal with the shot like how you would work a shot in a production house, from picking up the reference approval to polish. So Picking up great references of walks/ Runs to stops/sitting/ Lying Down with simple behaviors and stitch them together and animate to it. Even though animating a simple shot with simple body mechanics and behaviors, you will be learning more into bringing the realism into the creature's living and
breathing moments. Simple or complex shots The Quality is the same.

  • WS00 or A bit of experience as an animator and with the locomotions of
    animals and Decent level quality of creature shots in the personal

  • Good experience with the animation and in general with maya.

What you'll learn
  • How to pick the interesting references.

  • How to understand and break down the essence from the reference and try to bring that similar essence into our animation.

  • Not animating for the camera, but for the Witness camera, Yes the animation on the creature has to work from all the angles rather than just for the camera.

  • Working with the camera, I know most of us never get a chance to animate the camera and it can be daunting at times to animate. so here we will be creating our camera to bring the extra realism to the shot.

  • Being honest to your weight shifts from all the angles to bring the believable moments, even its not looking 100% in the camera, but we can pick the essence in the creature.

  • Great tips on the workflow techniques.

  • Polishing techniques.

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