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Next batch starting on the 4th of March 2024

For beginners

Basics of Maya & animation 

This workshop is for everyone who wants to venture into the world of Maya and kick-start their interest in exploring what an Animator uses behind the scenes to bring creature/character animation to life.

Workshop fee
6 Weeks
Course Duration

This workshop has a 6-week workshop tailor-made for interested participants to understand, use and fast-track their Maya craft and skills in their journey to become an Animator. We explore all the tools that are provided inside Maya. You will also be provided with industry-grade Animation rigs with live instructions and recorded sessions for you and learn from a mentor who has impressive experience in the VFX industry. At the end of the workshop, you will have the skills to use Maya to explore the other aspects of animation confidently.


  • You can be the latest graduate out of the university or during the college education program or a Beginner to join animation with CAW.

  • You are in the industry but want to get into animation.

  • You can be anyone who wants to have a passion for animation but needs to know how to start with it.

Six-Weekly Sessions:
  • WEEK 1:  This week, you will learn about the Maya Interface and all the tools required for daily software usage so that you can start the first task of bouncing ball animation.

  • WEEK 2:  Introduction to the Maya Anim tool, Anim tasks, and understanding different weights using the same bouncing ball task with different timing.

  • WEEK 3:  Maya Constraints and In-Depth Understand Grapheditor and how to use it to understand timing and spacing. We will use Anim layers and learn how to animation on top of the existing animation.

  • WEEK 4:  Introduction to Rig with animation basics for two legged (biped) and animate a walk cycle with the body mechanics.

  • WEEK 5:  We will assign animation tasks based on your ideas and walk you through them to bring your idea to life, which can be used as your showreel clip.

  • WEEK 6:  Fine-tune your Animation tasks, we also go through all your previous tasks and fine-tune and fix your animation from what you have learned so far and showcase the work.

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