After building up 14 years of industry experience, with VFX films, games,

TV series and commercials, I now feel competent to share my knowledge with a new generation animators who feel they need bit of guidance in the right direction for pursuing a career in VFX Industry. 

The main reason I wanted to begin teaching is, I initially struggled a lot to learn animation back in India, because we never had access to proper training schools, which meant I was entirely self taught. As a result, along the way, I learned all kinds of bad habits of animation. It took me years to realise what is the right way and the correct approaches of animation, so this is what I wanted to teach in these workshops.  Specifically training the brain to develop the right habits, efficient workflows to achieve great quality, and critically analysing your own animation to improve the results. Ultimately, I wanted to help and share my knowledge with those passionate animators (who like I once) needed a bit of guidance.

creature animation workshop Mentor - Dhanu Muddikuppam

Dhanu Muddikuppam



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