New offline workshop for the Busy animators

No committed timelines —- reviews on demand —- 12 offline recorded reviews

A well-designed training program offered by CAW will allow you to improve proficiencies in the below-mentioned areas. Our unique blend of industry knowledge and training experience makes us uniquely qualified for training courses. It provides a great experience of enhancing their skills from basics to advanced level animation.

It’s open all year, Join any day-any time

What are offline workshops?

  • You got 12 offline reviews allotted for each offline workshop.

  • Use them whenever you need them. 

  • Plan a new shot with CAW or your personal shot as well as any existing shots.

  • Get access to one of the CAW rigs based on the shot.

  • Get access to other offline review videos.

Offline Workshops For those

  • Animators who don't have time to attend classes and work on the regular assignments.

  • Cant give commitments to times lines due to existing project deadlines.

  • Who wants to work on their showreels after office hours.

  • Working on personal shots over the weekends and needed mentoring.

Reviews on-demand

  • All Reviews are recorded.

  • 12 of them are available for the same shot or multiple shots.

  • All the communications happened over emails.

  • Whenever your shot is ready to show and needed fresh eyes, can be sent for review.


  • Can use one creature rig from CAW for your showreel and personal practices.

  • Use any other online rigs for this workshop. It depends on your showreel shots.

How much does it cost?

  • It costs £650 per offline workshop with 12 review sessions and access to one CAW rig based on the reference or shot picked to work on. 

  • It can be paid online, debit/ credit, or via Paypal. 


For more questions and doubts to clarify your mind. 

Please email me at