Polishing, Smoothing and
fine tune techniques.


Workshop fee : £1,150 
Duration : 10 Weeks    

(One online session a week)  


In this workshop, we mainly focus is to take the 

shots from all three workshops and take them to

whole new level by polishing and fine tuning the


By taking the shots from the three workshops and learn how to polish them to bring the extra realism and believably to those creature in those shots and sequences. The minute details like muscle flexes, wobbles, little quirky details on head complementing eye darts and every facial move, breathing, muscle twitches, reactions which pronounces the subtle inner thoughts ,tail, paws reaction, fingers and toes reactions on foot planting and peeling off.. It can goes on forever ;)  which are often missed are added on this workshop.

The details often to be felt not seen are added to your shots :)  and helps to tell about that you have commanding and gripping knowledge on creature animation.


Next workshop: whenever you are ready let us know, we can arrange something around that date.