Creature Workshop 02

Break Down    
Duration: 14 Weeks    

(One online session a week) 

Weekly break down :

Week 01 :

Finding the references for the shot based on the storytelling points by the creature. Am sure you will end up using multiple references, so picking up the best parts of all those references and stitch them together and make one solid reference which gives you a great starting point to start the shot. 

Week 02 :

Basic blocking of the shot by using the references and make sure the finding the key point in the references and bringing that to our blocking. 

Week 03 :

Tweaking the comments on the blocking.

Week 04 :

Tweaking the comments on the detailed blocking until the whole idea is super clear.

Week 05 :

Tweaking the comments on the detailed blocking and taking to first pass.

Week 06 :

Working on the first pass until the whole creature is working and performing in the shot believably. 

Week 07 :

Taking the first pass to next level by adding the break-ups and fluidity to the creature to the second pass.

Week 08 :

Tweaking the ​second pass and addressing the comments.

Week 09 :

Secondary pass on overall shot and move to the final pass.

Week 10-14 :

Finish the shot by adding those lovely details with the polishing pass and get ready to add it to your show-reel.