Creature Workshop 02


Creatures Behaviours    
Workshop fee : £1,250 
Duration : 10 Weeks    

(One online session a week)  


In this workshop, we mainly focus on animal

Behaviours with dynamic body actions which

elevates the performances of the animal close to


By using the skills you have learned on the WS01, you would be comfortable to handle the basic believable locomotion of animal and now it's time to layer the behaviours on top of that. Picking up great references of animals and stitch them together to tell our story or solve the purpose shot of animal moving from point A to B (Not Just picking up one reference and roto it ) in a shot or sequence with nice behaviours showoff.  Making sure you have studied the references well and bring those believable performances well into your animation to bringing that organic feel to the animal.


This kind of shot shines in your reel and takes the reel to new level. 

Next workshop: whenever you are ready let us know, we can arrange something around that date. 

Tutor : Dhanu Muddikuppam. 

Sessions time in week :  Monday  or Wednesday of the week 9pm to 11.30pm UK time.

Tutors Reel. 

Workshop Breakdown
Take you first step.

Get in touch with your reel and we would like to recommend you the Workshop suits you. And let us know if you need a free intro online session to discuss your goals.

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