Creature Workshop 01

Break Down    
Duration: 14 Weeks    

(One online session a week) 

Weekly break down :

Week 01 :

Finding the references for walk/Run of the animal and stitch them together if you found good references more than one.

Analyze the key moments on the reference and try to bring the same essence to the shots we do.  

Week 02 :

Basic blocking of the walk/Run cycle by using the references. 

Week 03 :

Tweaking the comments on the blocking and taking to first pass.

Week 04 :

First, pass on the Walk/Run. 

Week 05 :

Second pass level on the Walk/Run

Week 06 :

Fine-tuning the walk and making ready or walk cycle presentations.  

Week 07 :

Bake down the walk/Run in the shot and blend with the shot specific animation. Example: walk to stop, walk to jump and sit, etc.

Week 08 :

Working on the blending part of the animation shot and make sure we get it as realistic or believable as possible. 

Week 09 :

Secondary pass on overall shot and move to the final pass.

Week 10 - 14 :

Finish the shot by adding those lovely details with the polishing pass and get ready to add it to your show-reel.