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Workshop process

Our courses cover a variety of workshops for all levels of animators. Starting from basic to advanced level with a deep understanding of VFX quality and production. Hence we have bundled our courses into 6 modules starting from basic to advanced level [WS00-WS05] realistic creature animation with great quality

Because we firmly believe in Quality over quantity.


Inquiry and submit your updated animation showreel to get the recommendation of the course from our mentor


After the Intro Session we will follow up and share “How to find reference” links and send the recommended WS invoice to you.


Now you will have to be available and regular till the end of your WS. The first week counts after you get the approval on your reference.


We will review and recommend the WS based on your experience and arrange an intro session with our mentor to know more about us and our WS process in detail.


After paying the fees, you will become a part of the CAW family and you will get free access to use our VFX standard rigs,  all our demos and offline reviews.


Weekly one-on-one session, live critiques and comments on the shot submitted and more deep explanation about the body mechanics and performance of creature and workflow

Please Note:-

It's not mandatory to do all the workshops. You can start from one workshop and if you are interested in doing another workshop after completion of your first workshop, you can choose the second one.

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