Workshop to Dream job..... Happy to share a short interview with the CAW student Aloke Sarkar, who got his dream job at MPC straight after the workshop.. Lets hear his journey in his own words. 

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Aloke Sarkar

This has been the best learning experience for me. When i started this workshop i hadn't imagined that my shot would reach such high quality but thanks to Dhanu who constantly keeps pushing the level of the shot. The best thing about this workshop is the one on one discussion with the mentor which really helps. Dhanu not only gives feedback on your shot but he also gives the solution to the problem. Also the other great thing of having a experienced mentor is you change the way you Approach your shot from the beginning it is similar to how animators in high end vfx studios approach their shots. It is a super intense course only for those who are always ready to push themselves to not compromising on the quality of the shot.

creature animation workshop Students Testimonials - Pawan naidu

Animator - Freelance

Pawan Naidu

Dhanu is passionate about the work and having the very deep understanding of the subject, he is the Best mentor.

I have always fear to animate 4 legged animals..But Dhanu explains me a very easily all concept of it.

In the workshop, he put everything that he learns in decades from his experiments and knowledge. Every session is versatile in learning and those are an eye-opener for me.

His feedback is always Awesome and brings your scene at a new level every time. After getting connected with Dhanu my process and quality of animation are totally changed.

creature animation workshop Students Testimonials - Ankit singh

- Animator  

Ankit singh

I enrolled my self at Dhanu Workshop because I wanted to become a better animator. Whether you are looking to strengthen your animation reel or to sharpen your body mechanism. My first workshop was really cool I learned great body mechanics. and different techniques. Dhanu's workshop is a perfect place to stretch your animation muscle and meet fellow animators! The live reviews and weekly demos from Dhanu. I can't say enough great things about dhanu. Thanks!

creature animation workshop Students Testimonials - Swapnil.jpg

Animator- The Mill

Swapnil Paatil

Dhanu is a huge inspiration to me. He is not only excellent Animator but also commendable mentor .His approach and dedication toward animation is astounding!!

He always gives finest advice to improve your animation. After enrolling this workshop I observed that my graph in terms of quality is ascending.

 I count myself very lucky to have Mentor like him

creature animation workshop Students Testimonials - Iliays.jpg

- Animator  

Boubkri Fouad

i always dreamed to meet the professional animators and learn from them how to achieve a great animation like in the movies ....that was just a dream , until the univers decide to put Dhanu on my way , first of all , i thought he will teach me just the basis stuff and he will leave me to do the all work by my self ....but every time i was stunished how he was patient like i was his only student , and i learned with him as i was in a production doing movie every lillte trick , i mean now i am more confident that my dream to become a professionel animator is no longer impossible. join the " Creature Animation workshop " was the greats idea i never had 

creature animation workshop Students Testimonials - Anvitha.jpg

Animator - Freelance

Anivtha. Aruna

Joining the workshop is one of the best thing i have done in my career.

Thank you very much for all the advice and all the knowledge you have passed on to me on the workflow, tips and tricks which i use in my daily work. 

At first,I was so scared to work on four legged creature animation. I have no knowledge about it and not confident at all, but after the course am very confident from planning the shot to polishing the shot with a great quality. 

After this workshop and with my showreel i have got my first VFX job in Framestore and happy to share that have got change to work with movies like Fantastic beasts, guardians of galaxy 02 and paddington. 


creature animation workshop Students Testimonials - ajay.jpg

- Animator 

Ajay Kumar

It’s my pleasure to work with Dhanu. He is my mentor and he is my role model in animation.

I’m a gaming animator which I don’t have much experience in hand key and Dhanu thought me four leg character animation then I have started learning hand key. He taught me the about the character attitudes and how it behaves. He showed me the how much quality will expect vfx industry.

The way he explains and the way he give notes is superb. The way he explains that opposite person can understand easily what needs to be done in the file. It’s my Great opportunity to work with Dhanu