What is Creature animation workshop?

CAW is an Exclusive online animation workshop for creature animation. Workshops are designed in a such way that with these assignments you can learn the skills which helps to animate the basic creature locomotion to complex behaviours and body mechanic shots.


How does it works?

Weekly once we will have a live session in Zoom with all the students in that batch and Tutor will review the submitted WIP work by students in live, other students can stay and watch the rest students comments. It's a great to learn from others work and comments. Zoom allows everybody to record the whole session, it's so helpful and great way to watch the comments over and over again and  not to miss any comments. You can interrupt and ask any doubts you have during any time in the session or end of the session.

Rigs usage policy.

All the rigs from CAW are copyrighted to CreatureAnimationWorkshop and are property of Playblast studio Ltd. It's not allowed to use them for any company, school or any other workshop purposes ( paid or unpaid work ) and students are strictly should follow and not to share this rigs to anyone. If you see these rigs anywhere outside the workshop please inform to creatureanimationworkshop@gmail.com.

Access to rigs.

Once you paid for the workshop, you will be getting the access to the rigs based on the assignment you choose(May be one or two), and will get to keep them after the workshop. Since they are super expensive  you might not get access to all the rig at the beginning, may be after working on the 1 or 2 workshops and based on your performance students might get access to other rigs on request. ,  ( make sure you follow the instructions on rigs usage policy ).

How do we treat assignments

The whole idea and implementation of assignments will be designed to be same as you are working on your shots in film studio under the supervision on your lead or supervisor.  

How many sessions per week.

 Weekly one online live sessions.

What happen on weekly session

Live critiques and comments on the shot submitted and more deep explanation about the body mechanics and performance of creature and workflow how to solve the issue in the shot and bring it to great quality. 


How many animators per workshop?

A maximum of 5 to 6 animators can join at the same time.

Is it a school? Can I get college credits and scholarships?

No, CAW is not a school. You won't get any grades,credits and certificates. No pass and fail on the workshop. It is purely animating the shots according to the assignments in order to add those shots in your reel.  

When can I join or register to this workshops?

The workshops are open all year long, if you can let me know your preferred dates to join, I will find the suitable schedule around or near the preferred date. 

How do I pay?

After you made your decision to commit to workshop, we will contact you with clear instruction on how to pay the workshop fee. We will be accepting wire transfers and paypal, in some cases banks and paypal will charge fee for transfers. Students are required to pay those fees.

How do I apply?

Send me message on contact page. We will contact you or mail us on creatureanimationworkshop@gmail.com.

Is a demo reel needed to qualify for the workshop?

Well it's advisable. It would be great to see your reel we can advise you where to start with.

Since, just me teaching for now there will be limited seats available on the workshops for now, until if i find a passionate mentor like me. So book quickly  and reserve your seats. 

Minimum qualification to start with the workshop..

Decent experience with maya and animation in general is required. Must have a decent computer with internet connection and good webcam.  From Juniors level to all levels of animators are welcome and for those who are looking to break through in to vfx industry with a great reel, this is great fit for them. 

Do i have to start from workshop 01?

No, based on your experience and you skills in showed reel, you will be advised the workshops suits you. Yes you can choose.

 Can we use rigs outside CAW ?

 Yes, You can and  Please try to choose the appealing rigs and discuss with your mentor before hand.  

 Personal recommendations on rigs:


http://www.3dfiggins.com/Store/ or any online free rigs.  



Benefits of joining CAW?


• Learning the tips and tricks while working on the specific shots.

• Tips on finding reference and stitch them together for the shots.

• Complete guidance and advice from Blocking to polishing shot.

• Advance workflow tips and tricks.

• Bit of knowledge and help on clay rendering on your shots to be present on your showreel.

• Advice on editing and make kick ass show reels.

• Looks out for suitable job opportunities and forwarding reels to recruiters.