Creature BASICS.
Workshop fee : £1,150  
Duration : 10 Weeks    

(One online session a week) 

This workshop is for those animators who are

entirely new to animals and creature animation. 

In this workshop, main focus is on the creature

locomotion and goal is to get more believable and

realistic locomotion.  


  • Junior / mid Animators from TV series and games.

  • Decent knowledge of character animation with some personal shots or professionals works in the reel. 

  • Good experience with the animation and in general with maya.

This is a basic workshop to start with, where you will be working on a walk cycle of a four leg creature. Picking up great references of walks/ Runs and stitch them together and ​animate to it. The final walk presentation will be not just a walk/ run on a treadmill, but we will bake the walk cycle for a good amount of shot length and show the walk turn around with a bit of personality and behaviour, like a long walk with head shakes and looking around  of the creature and loops back to walk seamlessly. Or attach the walk/Run on to the path to make the animal walk in the shots with a great realistic and organic feel to the shot. 

This kind of shot breaks the regular boring treadmill walks in the reel. Stands out well for good understanding skills of locomotion.

​You will be learning: 


  • Basic anatomy classes on quads.

  • Working with the references:  How to understand and break down the essence from the reference and try to bring that similar essence into our animation. 

  • Not animating for the camera, but for the Witness camera, Yes the animation on the creature has to work from all the angles rather than just for the camera.

  • Working with the camera, I know most of us never get a chance to animate the camera and it can be daunting at times to animate. so here we will be creating our camera to bring the extra realism to the shot. 

  • Being honest to your weight shifts from all the angles to bring the believable moments, even its not looking 100% in the camera, but we can pick the essence in the creature. 

  • Working with the path animation, attaching the walk/Run to path. 

  • Great tips on the workflow techniques. 

  • Polishing techniques.

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